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Global coal exporters face troika of hurdles in bid to meet 2014 volume targets

Major global coal exporting countries have some tough miles to cross to meet their trade goals for the year as they continue to face challenges due to a low pricing environment, slowing demand from China and India, and a widening supply glut situation.

Analysts believe U.S. coal exports flooding the global markets played a major role in contributing to the current coal supply glut, with no immediate relief in sight as shipments from other countries continued to grow in the first three months of 2014. According to an SNL Energy analysis of global coal export data from various sources, coal exports from major countries hit 273 million tons by the end of the first quarter, representing roughly 23% of the amount those countries are expected to ship in the full year.

Highly competitive coal export prices from Indonesia, the world's leading thermal coal exporter, also kept pressure on the oversupplied seaborne market, Xavier Marcel Prévost, senior coal analyst at XMP Consulting CC, told SNL Energy. Indonesia is "still the most economical and viable place for anyone to import thermal coal," Kalpit Dubey, Asia Pacific coal analyst at OreTeam, wrote in an email to SNL Energy.

Indonesia's coal exports in the first quarter of 2014 increased at a robust pace, from 32 million tonnes in January to 38 million tonnes in March, data from Bank Indonesia showed. Australian Bureau of Research Energy and Economics, or BREE, said Indonesia could export 420 million tonnes of coal in the full-year 2014.

In addition, a slowdown in Chinese and European demand and increased supplies from the Americas have impacted some markets, Dubey said. However, the "increase in Japanese imports [has] somehow covered the excess supplies from Australia," Dubey added.

Japan's coal imports increased to 9.3 million tonnes in March from 8.4 million tonnes in the previous month, according to Reuters. Japan recently unveiled a new energy plan that labels coal as an important source for generating power, a move contrary to policy moves in China.

Even though European coal demand has weakened recently, countries such as Germany and Poland have presented a prospective opportunity for coal exporters, especially from the U.S. and Colombia. Alpha Natural Resources Inc. is among the U.S. coal producers looking to foster new relationships in the European market.

Exporters in Colombia and the U.S. have been competing for a higher share of the European coal market. The U.S. in 2013 exported 60.8 million tons of coal to Europe, while Colombia typically supplies about 50 million tonnes of coal per year to Europe. Reports suggest that since Germany announced plans to phase out nuclear energy in 2022, the country has turned into a "significant buyer" of U.S. coal.

Colombia's March exports were down to 3.3 million tonnes from 7.3 million tonnes in January, according to Colombia's statistics agency DANE. Carbones del Cerrejón, Colombia's largest coal producer, recently reiterated its commitment to boost exports despite expected disruptions from the El Niño weather anomaly. According to BREE, Colombian coal exports are expected to reach 84 million tonnes by the end of 2014. Cerrejon is equally owned by Anglo American Plc, BHP Billiton and Glencore Xstrata.

Exports out of major coal ports in Australia gradually increased in the first three months, totalling 71 million tonnes, according to data sourced from various terminals in the country. Australia is the world's second-largest coal exporter and the world's leading exporter of metallurgical coal used in steelmaking. BREE had put Australia's 2014 coal export target at 364 million tonnes. Glencore and Vale SA, two major international miners with coal operations in Australia, have decided to shutter coal mines due to weak market conditions.

Prospects for thermal coal, the major factor behind the rise in seaborne coal volumes, do not look rosy in the short term. Chances of a meaningful rebound in thermal coal prices will "remain low as long as there is an abundant supply and a very weak demand. My guess [on price rebounding] is at least four to five years," Prévost said. Drummond Co. Inc., the second-largest coal exporter in Colombia, was not allowed to export coal in the first three months. But that did not create any impact on coal prices, Dubey said.

Russia exported 12.1 million tonnes of coal in March, up from 11.4 million tonnes in February, according to Port News. The pace at which Russia has shipped out coal in the first three months of 2014, if it continues, could help it to easily surpass the 2014 export target of 106 million tonnes. Russia ships most of its coal to Europe and China.

Another country that is aggressively pitching its coal expansion plans is Canada. The country's coal exports are expected to remain on pace with its annual target of 34 million tonnes. The country exported 3.2 million tonnes of coal in March, up from 2 million tonnes in January, according to data from Statistics Canada.

Coal shipments from South Africa's largest coal exporting terminal, Richards Bay, reached 7 million tonnes in March, up from 4.6 million tonnes in January. Despite the increase seen over the first three months of 2014, South Africa's 2014 coal export target of 76 million tonnes could remain distant as tough market conditions play a spoilsport. With coal prices remaining depressed in foreseeable future, South African mines are reducing costs and decreasing output, Prévost said. "At current prices, the profit that exports produce are so low, that it almost compares with those of coal sold in the inland market, considering that a number of costs associated with exports are not present when coal is sold in [South Africa]," he added.

South Africa is among the top coal exporters to India. Goldman Sachs said in a recent research note that India, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan will be the major drivers of coal-fired generation demand in the future. The surprise exclusion was China.

Coal shipments to India increased in the first quarter. India imported 9.2 million tonnes of coal in January, 11.6 million tonnes in February and 11.8 million tonnes in March, according to Reuters. However, in the second half of 2014, India could also see slow growth in imports with an increase in domestic coal output, Dubey said.

China, the world's largest coal importer, saw a significant drop in its imports through the first quarter of 2014, amid the country's quest to control air pollution and curb coal use. "China's coal production and coal shipment growth slowdown did not make room for more coal imports," analyst Helen Lau at Singapore-based research firm UOB Kay Hian said in a note.

China imported 20.5 million tonnes of coal in March, down from 35.1 million tonnes in January. "Going forward, low domestic coal prices and [Chinese yuan] renminbi depreciation will continue to dampen coal imports," Lau said.

Indonesia, which accounts for 43% of China's total coal imports, will be the most affected by China's weak demand. "We expect to see further import slowdown from Indonesian coal," Lau said. In the first quarter, coal imports from Indonesia slowed significantly to only 6% year-over-year growth to 36 million tonnes, compared to 30% year-over-year growth seen in the comparable quarter of 2013.

However, coal still remains the main source of China's energy, accounting for 66% of energy consumption in 2013. As the Chinese coal industry consolidates due to market forces or regulatory policies, and demand growth continues to remain low, China's coal market may still be more or less in balance, Lau said. A report said China's coal imports are expected to remain at the same level as in 2013, at about 267 million tonnes.

Emerging coal mining nations, such as Mozambique and Turkey, are expected to contribute to the oversupply situation forcing higher-cost operations in other countries to shutter, according to Dubey. "There would be incremental increase in the global supplies, but closure of high cost mines should be able to offset that," Dubey added. While Turkey will cater to domestic needs, Mozambique will have to deal with the main problem of infrastructure and associated costs, Prévost said. "In my view Mozambique's potential exports are going to remain small, unless their government fosters rail opportunities," Prévost added.

Source: SNL, 29 May 2014

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