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to discuss coal, energy crisis

Prévost will be addressing power utility Eskom’s current coal shortage predicament at the Indaba that will take place on October 3 and 4 at the Inanda Club, in Johannesburg.

Prévost will be addressing power utility Eskom’s current coal shortage predicament at the Indaba that will take place on October 3 and 4 at the Inanda Club, in Johannesburg.

Eskom’s well-publicised coal shortage woes are a pressing concern for the local coal industry and the economy, emphasises Prévost. Consequently, the South African coal industry urgently needs more capital investment and new mining projects and mines, particularly from junior miners, to replace its ageing legacy mines that are beginning to near the end of their lives.

“If this is not done straightaway, the famous ‘coal cliff’ – a slump in coal production that will see the coal industry being unable to meet the energy sector’s coal requirements – will occur, resulting in less electricity being produced and the collapse of the coal industry and the economy of the country,” he warns.

Prévost – who will be attending the Joburg Indaba for the first time this year – has taken a strong stance on policy instability, corruption and politicking at government level. He cautions decision-makers against allowing political decisions and principles to govern the mining industry.

The coal industry will only be salvaged from its current state of investment withdrawal and dilapidation if the governance of the industry and decision-making are made according to economic principles as opposed to political ones, Prévost emphasises.

He anticipates that efforts to rebuild the sector once again could take up to a decade or longer to begin to show notable results, if steps to rectify the damage done to the coal industry are undertaken immediately. He explains that this is owing to the “severe blow” that the industry has suffered in recent years because of economic and political upheaval that has left investors hesitant to invest in coal.

Prévost says there was investor optimism amid President Cyril Ramaphosa’s taking office at the beginning of this year, as investors and mining houses were eager to welcome economic and legislative stability and renewed investment in the country’s mining sector. However, this optimism was short-lived, as little has changed and the industry continues to face steadily declining gross domestic production, persistent policy uncertainty and fluctuation, as well as a hostile operating environment.

As a result, Prévost highlights that the appetite for investment in South Africa has changed twice since the beginning of the year.

“At first, investor sentiment increased noticeably as the new government came to power. However, as measures promised by the new administration did not come to pass, investors adopted an attitude of ‘wait and see’ and that is where the industry finds itself currently,” he explains.

Prévost, however, qualifies his statements by saying that it is still too soon to discount hopes for Ramaphosa’s New Dawn for investment.

He hopes that South Africa’s investment environment will present a clearer picture after next year’s general elections.

Published by Mining Weekly, 28 September 2018.

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April 2018
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  • South Africa’s January thermal coal exports fall to 6.16Mt — Platts CTI
  • South African price volatility keeping buyers at bay — Platts CTI
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  • RB prices likely to edge up on limited supplies, Newcastle — SACR
  • South African coal sales climb to record $10.3bn in 2017 — MCR
  • New SA president likely to address mining charter issues
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  • Arbitrage opportunity for South African coal to India — Platts CTI
  • Vessel queue at Richards Bay Coal Terminal rises to 25: cFlow — Platts CTI
  • FOB prices push CIF ARA market higher — Platts CTI
  • Global thermal coal demand to outstrip supply, grow by 5% in 2018: Noble
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  • Eskom struggles to compete for coal supplies amid export rally
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  • South Africa to benefit from coal demand surge in India, Pakistan
    — McCloskey Coal Report
January 2018
  • Is Global Warming Making Us Hungrier? — Bjørn Lomborg
  • Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) exported a record 76.47Mt of coal in 2017 — Platts CTI
  • Anglo American continues exit from South African coalWorld Coal — Platts CTI
  • RBCT reports record high 2017 coal export volumes — Platts CTI
  • Richards Bay terminal reports record high 2017 coal export volumes at 76.5Mt — Platts CTI
  • Cyril Ramaphosa to tackle Mining Charter impasse — BusinessLIVE
  • Anglo American 2017 coal production falls 6% on year to 81.82Mt — Platts CTI
  • Vessel queue at Richards Bay Coal Terminal drops to 16: cFlow — Platts CTI
  • CIF ARA spot coal price retraces on lower bids, offers — Platts CTI
  • Indonesian miners aim for higher production — Platts CTI
  • India’s electricity generation — World Coal Association
  • India's self-sufficiency goals, renewable energy, overcapacity, and railway system — Coaltrans
  • South32 flags downside risk over weaker domestic demand
  • Eskom’s financial woes threaten to push South Africa off ‘coal cliff’
  • RBCT coal vessel queues total 22, up five from last week: cFlow — Platts CTI
  • Roadmap to nowhere: the myth of powering the nation 100% with renewable energy — Energy Post
  • CIF ARA coal markets stagnant despite early morning deal — Platts CTI
  • China buying, India struggling — Platts CTI
  • Komipo buys 130,000 mt of South African coal — Platts CTI
  • Atlantic thermal coal trading limited as prices drop — Platts CTI
  • Coal prices face moderate correction — Platts CTI
  • South African coal competitively priced to India — Platts CTI
  • Slack demand keeps CIF ARA coal trading light — Platts CTI
  • Steam coal prices look overcooked — McCloskey Coal Report
  • Indian buyers resist rising South African market — Platts CTI
  • Global primary energy demand — World Coal
  • South African, US coals flow to India — Platts CTI
  • Vessels delayed at Richards Bay Coal Terminal: cFlow — Platts CTI
  • Steam Coal Outlook 2018 & Beyond — Coal Asia

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